As a tradition, Capvidia/TESIS (ТЕСИС) Group is welcoming the spring by the Engineering Systems 2018 and FlowVision Users Conference 2018, to be held in Moscow on 10th April.

The event will take place at the Radisson Slavyanskaya Hotel, Moscow. During the meeting, academic and industrial users will be joining together to discuss how the latest advancements in simulation technology are changing the engineering design aspects, improving and accelerating the product development cycles.

Vias Corp. has joined our worldwide channel for promotion of Capvidia software products in the United States of America. FlowVision CFD software, being the product of Capvidia NV, is being represented by various value-added resellers throughout the world. 

Today, we are glad to announce that a new partner has joined our channel. Vias Corp., having headquarters located in Houston, TX has started working as an official FlowVision reseller in the North America region.

DHIO Research, the representative of Capvidia/TESIS in India, organized Advanced CFD Turbomachinery Application Workshop including case studies related to Moving Body Technology, rotating Turbomachines and their parts.

Workshop contents are as follows;

1-Torque & Power Calculations

2-Axial & Centrifugal Machines

3-Fans & Compressors

4-Hydraulic & Wind Turbines

5-MRF, Sliding Mesh and Moving Body

6-Pre-Defined & Fluid Induced Rotations


This release improves stability of the software. Some issues were fixed related to the gap model and the free surface model.

Important changes

  • The Implicit new computational scheme is now renamed as Implicit, and the former Implicit scheme has
    been removed.

New features in Solver

The following new settings were added to the Advanced settings of Solver:

  • The Matrix Solver, which can be used for computations in the Chemistry mass transfer model. Matrix Solver provides more stable development of solution at CFL>1 in simulations with large number of components (Substances) and large number of chemical reactions.
  • The Skew scheme, which computes convective flows on faces of cells with taking into account the mass flow through edges of the cells. Use of Skew scheme essentially reduces the scheme diffusion for flows that substantially deviate from directions of Cartesian axes (that are particularly vortex-like flows). Meantime Skew scheme is being beta-tested, please inform This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you will find any problemms with this scheme.


  • When an Adaptation is created, if the Region has only one computational Subregion, this Subregion will automatically be added to conditions of the adaptation.
  • Now it is not possible to connect from Pre-Postprocessor or Viewer to a Solver with another version
    number. This protects user's data from damage if a module with incorrect version number was launched.

If you have support acces, you can download release after authorization: resources and files.

The new release includes many changes that were implemented into the program as a feedback to 30 requests from users. So we hope that FlowVision 3.10.01 will be more user-friendly.

new mesh 2

Here are just some of the requested changes in the program:

  • Captions (legends) for palettes
  • The boundary condition, which allows you to set a fixed profile of velocities
  • Controls for customized displaying plots in the monitor window
  • The status tab now contains additional fields: number of cells of the boundary layer grid, values of convective and surface of the time step, etc.
  • Now you don’t have to install MPI if use of FlowVision is assumed to be used only on one processor.
  • Now it is possible to visualize streamline on surfaces.
  • You have to do much less mouse clicks when working with Terminal.
  • New variables have been added, Reference Pressure and Reference Temperature.
  • A new layer, Computational grid section, now can be displayed by the Viewer module.

Capvidia participated in the 10th International Conference on Compressors and their Systems between 11th and 13th September 2017 hosted by City, University of London.

This year’s Conference, as usual, caught remarkable attention from in international audience of compressors, expanders and their systems manufacturers, equipment suppliers, simulation software vendors, users and research organizations.

Compressor Conference 2017 Group Photo


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