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  • Stop suffering for your Fluid-Structure Interaction simulations!

    Stop suffering for your Fluid-Structure Interaction simulations!

    FlowVision & ABAQUS are two cutting edge simulation tools to solve the most challenging flow and structural problems, respectively. When it comes to FSI, these two become true friends! Coupled through SIMULIA CSE, this software offers the most stable, accurate, easy to use FSI solution in the world. This solution will bring your team:

    • An easy to use, stable FSI setup
    • Accuracy and speed
    • Worlds most experienced FSI support engineers 

  • Discover: Tire CFD/FSI Simulations with FlowVision

    Discover: Tire CFD/FSI Simulations with FlowVision

    We have been addressing the most difficult engineering simulation problems, for more than 27 years. The following simulations are deployed by worlds most trusted manufacturers for more than 16 years: 

    • 2-way strongly coupled FSI simulations for aquaplaning predictions
    • Aeroacoustics simulations for accurate tire noise prediction
    • Rubber extrusion, molding & vulcanization to attain the best processing parameters (these simulations can involve FSI as well!)

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  • Discover: Cardiac CFD/FSI Simulations with FlowVision

    Discover: Cardiac CFD/FSI Simulations with FlowVision

    Be it a TAVR, mitral clip or aneurism treatment, a Navier-Stokes based, FSI friendly CFD tool is what you need. FlowVision will deliver not only the perfect FSI setup, but also the accuracy you need to estimate WSS and blood residence time with nuclear half-time analogy and much more for thrombogenicity evalution.

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  • Discover FlowVision with Videos

    Discover FlowVision with Videos

    Either you are a newcomer or an advanced user, there is always something for you in FlowVision video page.

    • Webinar recordings
    • Tutorials
    • Best practices…

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Looking for more? Discover all Unique Features of FlowVision

Automatic mesh generation, original numerics, Gap Model, advanced VOF... FlowVision is a powerful, easy-to-use CFD software with various unique features. 

Multiphysics & interoperability

  • 2-way Strongly Coupled FSI with SIMULIA Abaqus; direct coupling via FlowVision MPM
  • Realistic FSI approach; large deformations, contacts, fluid volume changes
  • Coupled CFD/acoustics with MSC Actran, Siemens LMS Virtual.Lab
  • Multicriteria and multi-parameter optimization using IOSO, pSeven and others

Speed, Scalability & Flexibility

  • Flexible licensing, modularization and deployment
  • User-friendly interface for quick project setup, grid generation and postprocessing
  • One solver for all-Mach numbers
  • Hybrid parallelization on multiprocessor systems
  • Real-time postprocessing during simulation

Real physics & accuracy

  • SGGR; High fidelity representation of CAD/FE
  • Moving Bodies; Complex movements, intersections, full closure
  • Gap Model; Dimensionality problems, small clearances
  • Advanced VOF; Small droplet tracking and lossless mass conservation
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Discover what industry-specific problems are addressed with FlowVision

From healthcare to aerospace, from automotive to aerospace...

Automotive industry

External aerodynamics, fuel supply and burning, lubrication, ventilation, hydroplaning


Floating stability, nautical qualities, performance and handling quality of ships. Propeller screws

Aircraft engineering

Aerodynamic properties, local aerodynamics, complex flight control surfaces


Characteristics of compressors, wind machines, turbines and other rotor machines

Rocket engineering and military-industrial complex

Supersonic and hypersonic objects, ballistics, movement of flight control surfaces

Other problems

Electronics, power-plant engineering, medicine, sport, general machinery


Commissioning, education, support

We provide efficient integration of FlowVision and other multiphysics solutions with flexible licensing policy. Education and technical support may be provided in multiple languages.

Project design, consulting

For the research, development and innovation teams which invest on FlowVision expertise, we offer end to end solution focused project design, execution and reporting.

For students & academic staff

For M.Sc. and B.Sc. level students, based on a project description report, FlowVision licenses can be granted up to 4 cores. For the accepted projects, full technical support is provided.leo.

Customization & plug-in solutions

For the repetitive standard tasks, to create a time-efficient workflow and save engineering time, we offer plug-ins for FlowVision. This is a solution which is currently being used by many R&D teams.


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