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Start/stop FSI without MpCCI

FlowVision combined with SIMULIA Abaqus offers unique co-simulation capabilities for solving strongly coupled fluid-structure interaction problems. While the ultimate accuracy is attained through smooth data exchange between the solvers, FlowVision's Multi-Physics Manager (MPM) gives the possibility to pause a calculation, modify if necessary and re-start it.


As FlowVision allows for live post-processing, this capability also exists in FSI calculations.

Accurate Data Exchange

Since FlowVision's grid generation is structured based on SGGR technology, this allows for matched data exchange between CFD and FEA surfaces. The “wetted interface” is automatically established between fluid and solid domains. It can involve moving objects and moving boundaries with arbitrary complexity. The FlowVision Multi-Physics Manager (MPM) controls both FlowVision and SIMULIA Abaqus during the co-simulation process. It manages data transfer, solver start, pause, restart and provides feedback on the simulation progress. The data is exchanged through the SIMULIA Co-Simulation Engine (CSE) which provides an optimal and accurate data transfer with highly scalable parallel processing support.

FlowVision FSI key features

  • MPM manager for simple setup, start and restart of simulation and real-time results monitoring
  • Automatic coupling of not matched CFD & FEA meshes and automatic re-meshing (not limited to mesh deformation or mesh overset methods)
  • Support of highly deforming structures, moving bodies, moving boundaries and free surface tracking
  • Individual time step control for FEM and CFD solver
  • Time step control of data exchange FSI
  • Reduced simulation time