What makes FlowVision different from the competition is simply the very valuable team of scientists and engineers working hard in the backstage. Having roots in the Russian Academy of Sciences from 90’s, FlowVision CFD software is still pioneering the state of the art engineering simulation technologies thanks to development, support, project and management teams


FlowVision is a complete, integrated CFD software developed in the collaboration of Capvidia (Belgium) and TESIS (Russia). The basic algorithms making up FlowVision’s skeleton were developed in late 90’s at the Russian Academy of Science.


Capvidia is the leading software developer for Model-Based Enterprise Interoperability. Since 1994, Capvidia has developed integrated, standalone applications and components (SDK) for CAD, PLM and CAE to validate and improve the quality of CAD data. Capvidia products enable reuse of existing CAD data for downstream applications.

Commercial Licenses

Modular structure of FlowVision allows selection among a variety of configurations to match your simulation requirements. License pricing depends on the physical modules (FV functionality), number of parallel solving capabilities (FV performance) and type of license: annual or perpetual.