FV Terminal 3.12.02: queue for automatically launching calculations

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  1. A new option has appeared in FlowVision 3.12.02: the "Create command file" window has been added to the Terminal interface. This is an integral part of adding a project to the queue. Read more about this new functionality above, in this article, or in the documentation.

  2. The queue is used to automate launching projects for calculation. Simultaneous calculation of several projects has an efficiency close to zero, but the queue allows you to remember launch settings and start calculations automatically without the involvement of an engineer. Thus, if you specify the launch settings in the evening, you will most likely be able to process the results the next morning. Let your computer perform the calculations while you relax - use the project launch queue.

  3. Remember to check the following:
    • the presence of stopping conditions, so that your project doesn't end up being calculated for eternity
    • launch settings - especially the number of processors * cores that you plan to use for the project
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Author: Elena Ovsyannikova
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