FV Terminal 3.12.02: queue for automatically launching calculations

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Let's demonstrate with an example.

To add a project to the queue in FVTerminal, just right-click on it and select "Place project in queue". Alternatively, to queue a project you can also use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Q.

But first, check that the project is completely ready for calculation: the stop criteria are set, the server part of the project exists in the server directory, and a command file has been created.


 After that, a window will appear in which the following settings are determined:

  • solver settings: how many processors * cores you want to use to calculate the selected project.
  • calculation settings: "start from the beginning or continue from last iteration?", "when should the calculation be stopped?" - all this information is written in the command file as a set of commands. By default, the command file is named "command.txt" and is located in the server part of the project. However, you may use a command file with an arbitrary name and storage location. To tell the Solver which non-default command file to use, specify the path to the file using the browse line.


When you press the "Ok" button, the project will be issued a ticket and placed in the queue, where it will await the bright future of being calculated. After the simulation concludes, the calculating solver is killed (The main thing is to not forget to include this command!), and simulation of the next project in the queue begins.