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 For the first time in our blog - the whole article is devoted to the FVTerminal module! If you want to speed up and automate the start of your simulations, then you just need to get acquainted with its capabilities.

FVTerminal allows you to perform certain operations while bypassing FVPPP, and can also do other cool things:

  • start and stop calculation (on local and remote computers)
  • download the client part of the project form the server part data
  • delete projects permanently 
  • connect to the Solver via the Viewer
  • and most interesting of all - queue projects 

If Chuck Norris used FlowVision, he would definitely be able to set up the project directly in FVTerminal and run it for calculation. We are a long way from Chuck: the Terminal can't be used to set up a project, but we will share some lifehacks.

How to start 10 projects on Friday evening and have results ready to process on Monday morning? It's possible - all the magic is in the queue system. One by one, projects will be uploaded, calculated, stopped, saved, unloaded... whatever you want!

It's become even easier to launch a calculation cycle with the arrival of the command file creation window directly within the Terminal in FlowVision 3.12.02. It was this new feature that prompted me to write this article and share how easy it is to create a command file.


The queue system is a technology for automatization of simulations. It is not a secret that the efficiency of simultaneously launching 10 projects on one computer is close to zero. But if you put 10 projects in the queue, then it's a whole different matter. Use the queue system to save time during:

  • convergence studies
  • parametric studies of geometric models
  • investigation of device operation in different modes
  • calculation of even two projects. Don't spare your computer! Let it do the work, while you rest.