A set of sensors is a measuring object which can be placed anywhere in the calculation domain.

Previously, to obtain a variable at a certain point of computational domain, it was necessary to create a small object with dimentions closed to the cell size and set a characteristic on this object. It became much more convenient with the help of sensors. You can simply select a point or even several points in space, create there the sensor set and receive data in one glo-file.

Sometimes the situations appear, when the co-simulation may be interrupted for a number of reasons:

1. Lack of memory (both operational and physical);
2. Restarting the machine on which the calculation has been carried out.
3. The necessity  to stop the calculation for project modification.

If the simulation is carried out only in FlowVision, the problem is easily solved by continuing the simulation from the last save. In the case of a joint simulation, the procedure is more complicated.

To obtain the exact solution in numerical simulation, the reference values should be set correctly. Find out from this article how to set the reference values and how they affect the accuracy of the solution. We also examined two cases that our users usually face. Forewarned is forearmed.

FlowVision uses floating type of license. It means:

  • The license is installed and attached to one computer and can’t be transferred or registered on another computer;
  • But users can work with FlowVision on any computer and they can even constantly change their working computer. FlowVision will request a license from the computer on which the license was registered.
  • On one computer it’s possible to register many licenses for different users. It allows to avoid blocking license, for example, of the user of neighboring department.
  • You can also register one general license, for example, with a large number of cores and allow users to compete for licenses :) This allows you to run the calculation on the maximum number of cores if necessary.

Thus it is convenient for a company to allocate a server for registering and storing a license instead of, for example, a laptop.