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Sometimes the situations appear, when the co-simulation may be interrupted for a number of reasons:

1. Lack of memory (both operational and physical);
2. Restarting the machine on which the calculation has been carried out.
3. The necessity  to stop the calculation for project modification.

If the simulation is carried out only in FlowVision, the problem is easily solved by continuing the simulation from the last save. In the case of a joint simulation, the procedure is more complicated.

  • Abaqus have to be configured additionally for restart;
  • A new input file with the Abaqus project should be prepared;
  • The restart point of both programs should be synchronized.

Also, the restart becomes more complex, because of the presence of two solvers in Abaqus: Abaqus/Standard and Abaqus/Explicit, which restart logic differs one from another.

The possibility of launching a continuation calculation in the Abaqus-FlowVision coupled simulation will be considered in the article. All procedures will be described only for the Abaqus Co-Simulation Engine interaction protocol. The procedure is similar for the Abaqus Direct Coupling interaction protocol.

 It is recommended to train on a case study “A deformable valve in a channel”, before trying a restart of a real project.