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what can be done without license? 

To avoid being bored while waiting for the license files from our sales manager, have a look through the license-free options. You can do many things even without a license! For example:

PPP can be opened in read-only mode

You can open a project from the Tutorial, look through the settings in the project tree, and even change them. But, unfortunately, it will not be possible to save the project and run it for calculation. After registering a license, simply restart the PPP to enjoy a full-option FlowVision mode.


If you have already worked in FlowVision, but your license has expired, PPP will still be able to open a client part of a project and load visualization data (fvvis files saved during calculation) in demo mode, without the possibility of saving.

Also, you can look through the results of a calculation based on data from the solver part in the PPP. This can be done either on a local computer where there is no license or the license has expired, or by connecting to a working solver from a client computer without a license. However, this technique will work only if the versions of the PPP are the same: the one in which the project was created, and the one in which you want to open it. If you open a client project in a different version of the PPP, you'll be required to save it before connecting to the solver and, as we remember, this feature is not available in read-only mode.

If everything is ok with the PPP version, then to see the results of the calculation:

  1. Open the client part of the project in the PPP (in read-only mode)
  2. Connect to the SA and start a solver (or connect to an already running one). For example, this can be done using the Terminal - run the solver and load the project on it.
  3. Connect to the solver in the PPP 

Now you can view the results of the calculation and step through the calculation history, if you have saved it. You can even run the calculation on a remote machine by downloading the client part from the PPP to it.

viewer doesn't require a license at all

You can also view fvvis files and results from the solver part by uploading it to the solver with the help of Viewer. In other words, everything that is available without a license in the PPP is also available in Viewer. But the advantage of Viewer is that it does not require a license.

  • To view fvvis files:
    1. Open Viewer
    2. Select a directory for visualization (the folder where fvvis files are stored)
    3. That's all! Now you can view saved layers and scroll through the history of fvvis files
  • To view the calculated results from the server part of the project:
    1. Load the solver part onto the solver using the Terminal
    2. Connect to the running solver using Viewer

and neither does the terminal

With the Terminal, it is enough to connect to the SA and you can do with projects the following:

  • Start / stop / save the calculation (launch a solver, load a project onto it)
  • Monitor the status of an active solver (whether it is solving or waiting)
  • Monitor calculation results
    • connect to the solver using Viewer, to a calculating or stopped project
  • download the project (for example, from a remote computer), also in separate parts:
    • client part
    • server part (files with calculation data)
    • log files
    • glo files (text files containing calculation result data of characteristics and layers)
    • fvvvis files (FV- files for visualization of results)