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All this, concisely:

  1. Particles are elements of a medium and are completely independent from each other. This medium can be liquid (droplets), solid (grains of sand, dust grains, snowflakes) or gaseous (bubbles), and is separated by a separate continuous medium (liquid or gaseous), called the carrier phase. Different combinations of dispersed and continuous media form different dispersed systems, which are often familiar to us: dust in the air, bubbles in champagne, solid particles in a liquid (suspension), droplets in a liquid (emulsion).

  2. When modelling particles, FlowVision uses the Euler method. This makes it possible to optimize the use of computational resources in multiphase calculations by reducing the number of equations needed to be solved and the amount of RAM used.

  3. Currently, FlowVision is used to simulate:

  4. The key stages in creating a project for modelling dispersed flow are: