Pilot Projects

The pilot projects are ideal to better understand and evaluate the FlowVision capabilities on your specific CFD task. The pilot projects are offered on a fixed time-cost basis, which eliminates unpredictable factors and minimize the risks. Our experts will guide you through the project and share with you their expertise. If you wish to actively participate in the project we will install FV evaluation license on your site so you can follow and actively participate in different project phases.

Technical support is an important service for our customers and for us.

Once you become a FlowVision maintenance user, you should never worry about being by yourself and unaided. User’s Guide may be one of your best friend but we will act jealous if you don’t let us in also!

We completely understand that in today’s dynamic work environment; every minute is of the essence of business. For this reason, we always name response time of support service as one of the foremost quality principles. In order to assure quality control and timeliness of technical support services, we make use of advanced software applications favored by many blue chip companies worldwide.

Capvidia offers online web-based trainings in various ways which are:

  • standard training programs covering CFD basics and FlowVision for beginners
  • advanced training covering topic-specific courses and advanced use of FlowVision
  • customized trainings for specific customer requirements

Upon request, trainings can be held at either Capvidia office or at the customer site.

Customized CFD Tools

At Capvidia, we are always dedicated to developing the pioneering CAE software and keep up with the technology and customer requirements which are intrinsically and always in a changing and developing manner. In consideration of this, Capvidia has always been willing to satisfy special customer requirements by creating customized CAE tools for them.

Once your design team and our simulation experts have identified your specific needs from a CFD application, this would eventually turn into a requirements specification for the tool that you desire to be developed specifically for you. This tool can be just a script, prescribed interface add-in for definition of your company’s typical simulations, or even an additional solver module.