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Customized CFD Tools

We are always dedicated to developing the pioneering CAE software and keep up with the technology and customer requirements which are intrinsically and always in a changing and developing manner. In consideration of this, we have always been willing to satisfy the special customer requirements by creating customized CAE tools for them.

Once your design team and our simulation experts have identified your specific needs from a CFD application, this would eventually turn into a requirements specification for the tool that you desire to be developed specifically for you. This tool can be just a script, prescribed interface add-in for definition of your company’s typical simulations, or even an additional solver module.

Even though FlowVision is strictly differentiating from traditional CFD codes and addressing complex CFD simulations, you may assume to have a design process which is to be integrated for even more specialized and additional CAE tools. Please feel free to contact us in order to discuss the best practices for you.

Adaption & Extension of FlowVision

FlowVision offers modern and modular implementation based on object oriented programming (C++), which makes the code very flexible and open for extensions and adaptation. This unique capability allows us to actively proceed with challenging CFD projects in close cooperation with industrial partners. We are looking for close cooperation with industry providing not only financing for the projects, but also experimental base allowing validation of simulation results. In this way we have pioneered development of Fluid-Structure-Interaction capability in co-simulation with SIMULIA /Abaqus to develop special simulation tools for ranking hydroplaning capability of automotive tires. Another similar project resulted in the development of specialized tools for full 3D simulation of screw compressors and modeling of micrometer clearances in simulation domain. The tool is used today by the market leader for optimizing and improving the compressor design.

We are continuously looking for the companies and partners interested in niche CFD applications, willing to enter special development projects further extending FlowVision capabilities. We offer exclusive contracts during the development period giving our clients competitive advantage over the competition.

At this moment we are looking for industrial / commercial partners interested in:

  • Water Soiling Simulation – Simulation of Complete Car Moving at High Speed Through Heavy Rain
  • Medical Applications Involving Multi-Phase Flows and Fluid Structure Interaction
  • Modeling Flow in the Cooling Turbine Enclosure

The selection criteria for choosing partners / projects are mainly the following:

  • Companies Requiring Complex or not Standard CFD Simulations
  • Companies Having Capability for Experimental Verification of Simulation Results
  • Companies with Market Leading Positions
  • Companies Willing to Start Long Term (One Year or Longer) Projects

If you are interested to be part of a joint development program aiming to contribute the industry’s most innovative CFD software package, please contact us! And feel free to share your adaption and extension ideas that are not listed above.