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Technical support is an important service for our customers and for us.

Once you become a FlowVision maintenance user, you should never worry about being by yourself and unaided. User’s Guide may be one of your best friend but we will act jealous if you don’t let us in also!

We completely understand that in today’s dynamic work environment; every minute is of the essence of business. For this reason, we always name response time of support service as one of the foremost quality principles. In order to assure quality control and timeliness of technical support services, we make use of advanced software applications favored by many blue chip companies worldwide.

The Main Directions & Peculiarities of FlowVision Technical Support

Assistance in Setting up FlowVision in Complex Configurations

The number of possible installation options for FlowVision is virtually unlimited. Users have the ability to deploy a distributed computing system for desktop office network, and within supercomputers. Distribution of computing sources can be realized by means of means of either commercial or freely distributed software and FlowVision is compatible with a wide variety of standard implementations of MPI. Additional aspect is the open ended evolution of the hardware technology featuring  processors from different vendors with different architectures and principles of memory. As a result, sustaining the optimum computational performance frequently requires individual settings and configurations.

Our engineers have extensive experience in the installation and configuration FlowVision on the most powerful computers in Russia and many countries around the world and we are ready to help you dealing with the latest technology by sharing our expertise.

Solution of Problems related to Modeling & Calculations

Regarding ease of use; we can proudly express that FlowVision has already achieved a very high level. Intuitive interface, automatic meshing and other features of the software significantly reduces the requirements for experience and training of the end-user. However, the substantiality of software features and the diversity of tasks facing the user, sooner or later, lead to a situation where the experience and knowledge of the user becomes not sufficient to solve the problems.

Our engineers have experience in solving a variety of problems from many fields of science and technology. At the same time, as a rule, we can not only specify the correct formulation of the problem for a specific user’s niche area of ​​interest, but are capable of supporting the use of specific techniques or programs to explain the features of its behavior when a user is faced with unexplained or unpredictable at first sight results.

Close Cooperation with Developers

Similar to all complex engineering solutions and despite all its talent; even FlowVision cannot be hundred percent protected from errors. Up to now, our records reveal the fact that majority of the reported mistakes are not directly related with FlowVision but rather errors causing from hardware malfunctions or third-party software bugs.

In presence of problems of above kind; our support team works with FlowVision developers in order to identify the problem and work out a solution to avoid problems allowing to continue your simulation work in the shortest time possible.