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This release improves the stability of FlowVision 3.14 and also contains new features and training projects.

The conditions for using the Gap Model have been expanded

The Gap model allows to find small gaps between the walls automatically and calculate the pressure drop and leakage value in them analytically . 

Using the Gap Model, you can significantly reduce the number of computational cells in problems with ultra-small gaps without loss of accuracy

In FlowVision 3.14.02 the Gap model can be set between a wall and a sliding surface, as well as between a sliding surface and a moving body.

It allows to solve the problems of rotor-stator interaction in cases when it is necessary to draw a sliding surface between closely spaced rotor and stator.

New samples in the Tutorial

The FlowVision installation package includes the Tutorial (Tutorial folder in the FlowVision installation directory). The Tutoaria 

В дистрибутив FlowVision входит Учебник (папка Tutorial в директории установки FlowVision). Tutorial is a step-by-step description of setting the problem, performing calculations and analyzing the results using simple and illustrative examples (more than 50 projects).

In FlowVision 3.14.02 Tutorial we added a new FSI problem of a deformable valve with beam elements. And also we renewed the lesson "Flow in Laval nozzle", taking into account the recent new features of FlowVision 3.14.

You will find the description of the changes in FlowVision 3.14.02 in "What's new" section of the User Guide.

We recommend to update FlowVision to 3.14.02 version.