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FlowVision 3.14.01 has been released.

The release introduces the new features that expand the FlowVision scope of application to new industries, devices and physical processes. The most significant innovation is a new solver for modeling the sound generation processes and acoustic vibrations propagation.

The user interface has been significantly improved to increase productivity: speeding up and simplifying the preparation of the software usability. The most large-scale changes affected the work with boundary conditions when specifying interfaces between computation subdomains - the number of manual actions when creating and placing boundary conditions has been reduced significantly. The improvement is especially noticeable in the tasks of determining the thermal conditions of electronic equipment, which involves large assemblies with many interconnected elements on mounting boards.

The licensing policy has been updated. Solvers are now licensed instead of models, and sets of cores in the form of Acceleration Packages are licensed instead of individual processor cores.

We describe the new release features in more detail in the following articles.

We recommend to update FlowVision to the 3.14.01 version. The distributives are available for the users with active technical support).

Please, contact our support at support@flowvisioncfd.com in case you have any issues with installation and licensing.