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An advanced finite-volume method (method of modified finite volumes) for numerical simulation of flows in industrial applications and its implementation in code FlowVision is proposed. The method is based on non-staggered Cartesian grid with adaptive local refinement and a subgrid geometry resolution method for description of curvilinear complex boundaries. Semi-Lagrange approach for solution of convective transport equation and splitting algorithm for
solution of Navier-Stokes equations are presented.


Opportunity of solution of real industrial problems by the method of modified finite volumes is estimated. Geometry of computational domain is specified by CAD system and is imported by FlowVision through VRML or STL file. Two different problems was investigated by the proposed method. The first problem is an aquaplane of car tire on road with water layer, the second -- a combustion of methane in air by low NOx burner of power station boiler.

A. Aksenov, A. Dyadkin, V. Pokhilko, TESIS, Russia

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