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At present time RSC Energia is carrying out research work on designing the reentry manned spacecraft of new generation to crew deliver, in-flight support and return. The spacecraft ought to take the place of Soyuz. Manned spacecraft Clipper having the reentry vehicle (RV) of lifting body type is a possible alternate solution (Fig. 1). In comparison with Soyuz suggested RV provides higher maneuverability and less overloading during descent phase.

Aerodynamic of Reentry Spacecraft Clipper

Experimental and numerical investigations of reentry vehicle aerodynamic characteristics at descent phase have been carried out. The main peculiar properties of flowing about spacecraft have been revealed. Possibility of using Russia software for investigations of aerodynamics of lifting body type vehicles at a design phase is shown. Comparison of experimental and numerical results is presented.

A.A. Dyadkin, A.N. Krylov, A.G. Reshetin, Yu.P. Semenov, T.V. Simakova, V.A. Tokarev
S.P. Korolev Rocket and Space Corporation Energia, Korolev, Russia
M.N. Kazakov
Central Research and Development Institute of Mechanical Engineering, (TSNIIMASH), Korolev, Russia


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