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Due to a current trend of increasing rotational speed and power, the problem of tone noise and pressure pulsation in centrifugal ventilators becomes a more urgent issue. Often the level of tones determines noise characteristics; mainly these are blade-passing frequencies (BPF). 

Numerical 2 D and 3 D Methods for Computation of I

The broadband noise resulting from small-scale turbulent pressure pulsation in ventilators are undertaken using the method based on a representation of non-statonary motion of a compressible medium as a combination of acoustic and vortex modes.

For the analysis of the problem, the 2D code Harmony and the 3D code FlowVision are used.

Serguei Timouchev, InteRe Co Ltd

Jean Tourret, CETIM, Noise and Vibration Center

Goran Pavic, INSA-Lyon, Laboratory of Vibration and Acoustics

Andrey Aksenov, TESIS Ltd.

FAN NOIS 2003, International Symposium Senlis, 23-25, September 2003, Page 1/10

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