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Experiments fulfiled in CETIM have shown that tonal blade-passing-frequency (BPF) noise becomes predominant for lawn-mowers with a big rotor diameter. 2-D and 3-D CFD unsteady computations give a clear picture of pseudo-sound perturbation inside the casing of lawn-mower. Method of representation of unsteady motion of compressible fluid with subsonic flow as a sum of vortex mode (pseudo-sound) and acoustical mode (airborne sound) is used to define the sound near field.Numerical and Experimental Study of 3D Unsteady Flo

Serguei Timouchev, InteRe Co Ltd

Michael Bockhoff, Karine Mones, CETIM, Noise and Vibration Center

Andrey Aksenov, TESIS Ltd.

FAN NOIS 2003, International Symposium Senlis, 23-25, September 2003, Page 1/8

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