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Exporting Characteristic Results

If data obtained through Characteristics needs to be exported to third-party programs (to plot as graphs in Excel, for example), then this can be done by specifying the appropriate save settings in the properties window for the required Characteristics in the Postprocessor tab.

Characteristics are saved to text files with the .glo extension, which are stored and overwritten in the server part of the project. A detailed description of the output file can be found here.

We recommend that you always save the calculation results of the characteristics defining the task.

If you need to look at the calculation history of the calculation and at the parameters of the Characteristics at the current and previous time steps, then it will suffice to simply open the file in Excel and look at the values.

If data autosaving is enabled, then it is possible to create a new characteristic and calculate its values over the previous steps. This can be useful if you want to get the dynamics of some value when the calculation has already been completed. To do this, you need to create a new characteristic at the last iteration, configure its saving to a file, and load the results for the first (or any previous) iteration. If you want to calculate the Characteristic value over only one iteration, on the toolbar, click . If you need to calculate the Characteristic value for all saved previous iterations, then click  and reload all steps.

If the .glo file is open while the project calculation is running, then the Characteristics data will not be written to the file.

Due to the specifics of the file system, on Linux versions, Characteristics may not be saved if their name contains cyrillic characters.