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1st November 2019 FlowVision 3.11.02 was released. It is a short view of the new version of FlowVision.

The main purpose of new version`s changes is increasing level of accuracy and reliability.

Attention! Stoping support of 32-bit operating systems!

Starting from the next FlowVision`s release support of 32-bit Windows operating systems will be interrupted. FlowVision will not be able to run in a 32-bit environment. Please, update your hardware if it`s necessary.

What is new?

Present to you the list of main changes.
Now became possible to:

  • Export to the glo-file in the STL format of the Isosurface and VOF (Volume of Fluid) layers. This can be convenient for setting initial conditions in a new project based on previously calculated variable fields.
  • Set the heat capacity depending from the temperature of the dispersed Phase in the properties of the Substance.
  • Set the properties of the Substance depending from its concentration.
  • Set the differential of the magnetic potential on the boundary condition for EMHD (electromagnetic hydrodynamics).
  • Create endless playback of fvvis files using the Results Viewer. Looping playback is useful for displaying simulation`s results, for example, at presentations or at exhibitions. This module does not require a license and can be installed on any computer which use to demonstrate the results. Looping playback is enabled by the loop_playback key when starting the Results Viewer from the command line or in batch mode.

More then:

  • Setting of criteria for Small cells has been moved to Phase limiters. It allows to set different criteria for Small cells for different Phases.
  • New type of connector is Arbitrary interaction was appeared in External Relations. It allows to connect a user connector for joint FSI-calculation. This feature is provided by API of the Computing Engineering Platform.
  • Experimental support was added to provide joint FSI-calculations with Nastran.

You can find more details about the changes in ReleaseNotes.txt in the FlowVision installer.