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We proudly announce release of new version 3.09.05 of the FlowVision CFD software. FlowVision 3.09.05 has already been successfully tested by FlowVision experts in our team and also by some of valuable key users on various tasks. Finally, it is accessible for all existing maintenance subscribers and expecting to meet new users!

We constantly work to improve quality and performance of FlowVision for more efficient solutions that serve the industry. The new version is coming with new features allowing a wider spectrum of advanced physics cases to be resolved and many important improvements for even better accuracy and stability of FlowVision for solution of various industrial tasks.

rkk spaceship

Sample Project with FlowVision 3.09.05; Splashdown of a spacecraft moving in atmosphere air with activated landing-engines

 An in-depth modernization has been applied to the functionality for tasks with axial symmetry in turbo-machinery and other situations where it is possible to make calculations in a sector-sliding setting with periodic boundary conditions: multistage turbines, swirl burners, ship propellers, airplane propellers, wind turbines… Use of periodic boundary conditions in such tasks will substantially speed up the calculations. In simulations of multistage impeller machines with aliquant numbers of blades, the new FlowVision allows you to reduce the problem's setting to an one-blade sector for each stage of the machine, without need for manual mathematical manipulations.

Additionally, our developers have implemented a new iterative algebraic solver, which substantially speeds up solution of many simulations while reducing the computation times by 25-40%. This means that being already equipped with a foremost powerful CFD solver, FlowVision is now also allowing users to compute much more variations in the same time duration providing shorter lead times and reduced costs. This new high-level of computational efficiency, as it is, goes for the HPC (high performance computing) configurations such as those on large clusters.

 flowvision acceleration

Percentage reduction in computation time (FV 3.09.05 vs FV 3.09.04) for 20 different test cases

For details and other improvements of FlowVision 3.09.05; please read through the ‘What’s New?’ section of User’s Guide.