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The constant grows of the motor fuel prices increases the requirements to the quality of ship propulsion study on the design stage. Some unusual approaches that applied during development of the "Volgo-Donmax" class ship project are described in this article.

The Propulsion Complex Design

The possibility of the nessary studies realization on base of the nowadays Computational Fluid Dynamics methods was offered by the Digital Marine Technology specialists. CFD methods, realizated in the complex of engeneering analysis, allow to find the complete picture of the ship hull flow at the early stage of it's design. They permit solving the tasks of the ship hull form optimization and configuration of the appendages; studying of propulsor work conditions, steering gear and transverse thrusters.

Leonid I. Vishnevsky, Krylov Shipbuilding Research Institute

Gennady V. Egorov, Marine Engineering Bureau (MEB)

Boris N. Snatkov, Digital Marine Technology

Andrew V. Pechenyuk, Marine Technology

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