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Mixing theory is important for its relevance in understanding some of the most fundamental problems involving bread dough flows, and for
its practical impact in connection with bakery industry and other food industries. Mixing is a crucial operation in the bakery industry. The bread dough is a very complex material, considered viscoelastic whose behavior depends on moisture content and temperature. The aim of this article is to develop advanced technology for modeling bread dough mixing, in order to provide a predictive capability of optimum design parameters of dough mixers using computational techniques.

Simulation of the Mixing Bread Dough Process

In this study, a CFD package Flow Vision was applied to build the model calculation and the calculation results.

For the study of the processes occurring in the mixer during its operation, computer simulations are made by means of the program system Flow Vision. For the purpose simulation of the mixing bread dough process using computational techniques of the simulations, the method
of the finite elements is used.

M. I. Luchian, S. Stefanov, I. LIitovchenko, I. Mihaylov, W. Hadjiiski

Bulletin of the Transilvania University of Bra┼čov, 

Series II: Forestry • Wood Industry • Agricultural Food Engineering • Vol. 6 (55) No. 2 - 2013, Page 1/6

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