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The paper studies the experience in application of CFD FlowVision software for analytical validation of sodium-cooled fast reactor structure components and the results of performed verification, namely:

  • development and implementation of new model of turbulent heat transfer in liquid sodium (LMS) in FlowVision software and model verification based on thermohydraulic characteristics studied by experiment at TEFLU test facility;
  • simulation of flowing and mixing of coolant with different temperatures in the upper mixing chamber of fast neutron reactor through the example of BN-600 (comparison with the results obtained at the operating reactor).

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Based on the analysis of the results obtained, the efficiency of CFD codes application for the considered problems is shown, and the proposals for CFD codes verification development as applied to the advanced sodium-cooled fast reactor designs are stated.

Download "Verification calculations as per CFD FlowVision code for sodium-cooled reactor plants" S.A. Rogozhkin, S.L. Osipov, S.F. Shepelev, A.A. Aksenov, M.L. Sazonova, V.V. Shmelev