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In the present paper the simulation of the explosion of condensed explosives in the air. The method used simulation by specifying the scope of compressed gas as the point source of the explosion. Describes the behavior of the blast wave on the middle and far distances from the source of the explosion, in which a pressure profile does not depend on the geometry of the source. The paper proposed to develop a method scope of the compressed gas provides the account properties of the products of the explosion for any explosive composition. Numerical investigation of the explosion of an explosive charge in the open countryside, in the presence of walls and rigidly fixed in the model of the urban environment. Shown good agreement with the experimental results and the peak pulse pressure both direct and reflected waves in each of the above cases.

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Download "Simulation of explosions in FlowVision cfd softwareimulation of explosions in FlowVision cfd software" Y. Fisher, AE Schelyaev «TESIS», Moscow, Russian Federation