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The description of the variable pitch propeller (VPP) is presented. An insight into this propeller operation is given. It's advantages which give the improvement of propulsion of different purpose ship in comparison with the traditional propeller are noted. To be said in the report it is confirmed by example.

Improvement of High Speed Craft Propuls


In the course of VPP design as applied to sea-going ship and to trawler it was widely utilized the program product FlowVision which able to define hydrodynamics characteristics of VPP. The FlowVision is dedicated to flow simulation at high Reynolds number and small changed density. About other settings in FlowVision of VPP you can find in this article.

Leonid I. Vishnevsky, Krylov shipbuilding Research Institute

Anatoy R. Togunjac, Giprorybflot

Andrew V. Pechenuk, Digital Marine Technology Company

International Conference on Fast Sea Transportation, FAST'2005, June 2005, St. Petersburg, Russia, Page 1/4

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