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The proposed fluid-structure interaction (FSI) approach is based on a two-way coupling between finite-element code Abaqus and finite-volume code FlowVision. The FSI simulation is possible due to a unique mesh generation method used in FlowVision.

Fluid Structure Interaction Analysis using Abaqu

The method is called Sub-Grid Resolution Method (SGRM). The SGRM connects seamlessly FE and CFD meshes without
introducing any intermediate structures into the FSI layer. It allows to link different mesh types with different discretization levels and ensures a fully conservative (no data loss) bi-directional data transfer between structure and fluid simulation domains. The approximation accuracy of the governing equations is maintained in both simulation domains and the FSI layer. Sloshing water
in a flexible cylindrical tank is simulated to illustrate the described fluid structure interaction approach.

A. Aksenov, A. Dyadkin, T. Luniewski, V. Pokhilko, Capvidia, Belgium

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