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The paper presents a numerical simulation of the drop test in a still water for the multi-component box structure. The complexity of the problem is in the strong fluid-structure interaction (FSI) between the box and the water free surface. The numerical simulation of the drop test is performed with two software tools: Abaqus and FlowVision through the direct coupling interface, which manipulates, on the Abaqus side the Lagrangian finite-element mesh and on the FlowVision side the Eulerian finite-volume mesh with subgrid geometry resolution.

Drop Test FSI Simulation with Abaqus and Flo

The novel approach is that there are no auxilliary structure models (or 3rd party software) integrated in the applied software solution: the finite-element mesh is defined from the Cartesian CFD finite-volume mesh and all the relationships between the CFD mesh cells and the outside FE faces are fully preserved. Each mesh node displacement is directly transferred between FlowVision and Abaqus, thus avoiding any additional interpolation.

A. Aksenov, D.Korenev, A. Shyshaeva, TESIS Ltd, Russia

D. Vucinic, Vrije Universiteite Brussel, Belgium

Z. Mravak, Bureau VERITAS, France

2008 ABAQUS Users’ Conference, Page 1/15

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