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FlowVision 3.12.05 has been released. A minor, but noticeable update.

 On February 16th 2022 we released FlowVision 3.12.05.

This is a minor release, which introduces a number of new features, as requested by our users:
  • Now you can obtain the value of any user’s global variable from the previous time step in the formula editor. It allows to calculate the time integral or derivative of any user’s variable.
  • The grid editor now allows to specify a 1D-mesh. Such a mesh will be adapted only in one direction and will save computational time.
  • Now you can specify how exactly to define the area where modificatory will be applied. Thus, you can specify more accurately, for example, a heat source within thin regions of nuclear reactors fuel assemblies.
You can find more details about the changes in the ReleaseNotes file and in "What`s new in FlowVision" section of the User`s guide.
We recommend updating FlowVision to 3.12.05 version (the distribution pack is available to download for the users with active technical support).