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One Solver for All Mach Numbers and Flow Conditions

  • Flow regimes between Mach numbers from 0 to much larger than 1 can simultaneously exist in the computational domain.
  • FlowVision’s general Navier-Stokes solver is capable of resolving subsonic, transonic, supersonic and hypersonic flows (Mach numbers from 0 to very large).
  • This avoids the necessity of using different solvers in a solution.
  • Users are not expected to manually address regions of different flow regimes and shock generation points.

Numerical Methods

FlowVision has a number of implicit and explicit numerical methods combined with a segregated solver. All Explicit methods are based on Belotserkovskiy’s approaches, a legendary Russian scientist. Implicit versions of these were developed by Aksenov, another legendary Russian scientist and lead developer of FlowVision CFD since 1992.

From 2014 on, an implicit approach called “Implicit new" has been added.  The New-Implicit Method has an all-Mach number Velocity-Pressure Split Algorithm and has the following specialties:
i. Works with moving boundaries.
ii. Works with large Mach numbers with “time step > explicit time step”.
iii. Order of solving the momentum and pressure equations is inverted.

The Implicit new computational scheme is proved to be more efficient (in terms of time of the computation) and more stable than the Implicit scheme. The Implicit new scheme allows computation of supersonic flows (M>1) with large (CFL>10) time step.

FlowVision solver is optimized to operate on multiple-processor clusters and ensures the highest level of accuracy and performance. Thanks to the cooperation of unique grid approach and universal solver; FlowVision enables CFD tasks to be performed in the fastest way possible both from run preparation and solution aspects.