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Initial Grid

FlowVision’s mesh generation can be defined as a two-stage process. It starts with initial grid which is built by the user in the minute when CAD is introduced. In FlowVision Initial Grid Editor, control points on each Cartesian direction (x, y, z)  can be introduced to obtain the optimum grid density profile.

Parametric Adaptations

Subsequently, the initial grid elements can be adapted based on the geometrical inputs (such as location or proximity) or based on the solution itself (values or gradients of solved physical variables e.g. pressure, velocity...). As a result, the optimum computational grid can be created with less manual work, reducing the factor of human error.  The adaption criteria is introduced one time by the user and it will stay as introduced even if the geometries are replaced during the course of calculations. The adaptation approach of FlowVision enables one to refine the computational grid at the right locations and right moments.

Effect of SGGR Technology

FlowVision takes the advantage of its unique SGGR (Sub Grid Geometry Resolution) technology. SGGR makes it possible to use the real CAD surfaces instead of a topologically approximated features, thus increasing accuracy.

Initial grid and computational grid are two different but complementary concepts in FlowVision, inital grid divides the whole region into Cartesian sections of different sizes wheras computational grid i evolved from inital grid by fitting external and internal boundaries.

Aforementioned grid density profiling via Initial Grid Editor and extensive fitting and adapting capabilities as a part of computational grid generation poses no simplifications or defeaturing the imported CAD boundaries, thanks to the SGGR Technology of FlowVision. Moreover, all the sub-steps are uniquely different from traditional CFD meshing since the user is only required to enter sizes of initial grid elements and mark adaptation regions without considering CAD fitting, multi-region interfacing or similar aspects.

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