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During operation of vertical cylindrical tanks for storage of oil and oil products significant quantities of compacted sediments can be formed and accumulated. As a result, tank useful capacity, tank farm turnover are reduced, oil storage cost is increased due to the
necessity to put tanks out of operation and perform their cleaning.


There are methods of cost reduction in case of timely removal of forming sediments by using, for example, various screwtype
devices. In order to determine deformed condition of the tanks during washout and mixing of sediments with movable oil jet produced by operation of the screw-type devices, FLOWVISION and ANSYS software systems were applied. The article describes some features of solving the task.

I.E. Lukyanova, V.V. Shmelev, Ufa State Petroleum Technological University, TESIS

Oil and Gas Business, 2007, Page 1/9

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