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FlowVision is a state of the art CFD tool with brilliant modeling capabilities in presence of non-stationary objects in the computational domain. Movement of sportsman is one of the very complex motion definitions for CAE applications. Thanks to FlowVision’s sophisticated meshing and moving body approaches, laser scanned human geometries and time dependent motions can easily be imported to FlowVision. Resultantly, very accurate flow calculations around transiently moving sportsman are readily performed in FlowVision.

Various sports activities are modeled in FlowVision and below are some of the examples:

  • Skater Modeling & Dynamic Simulation
  • Ski-Jump Modeling & Dynamic Simulation
  • Sleighing & Bob Sleighing
  • Swimming & Submerging

In all of the above simulations; the common approach consists of following main steps:

  • Capturing Motion of Sportsman by Laser Scanning
  • Importing Time-Based Motion Data to FlowVision as Point Clouds
  • Definition of Moving Body in FlowVision with Pre-Defined Positions at Each Time Frame
  • Proceeding with Regular CFD Modeling either as One-Phase or Coupled with Free Surface Tracking