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Aero acoustic solutions for fan noise prediction and validation

FlowVision  can  provide  simulations  for  aero-acoustical  problems  by working  with  a  third  party  acoustical  simulation  software.  In  an aero-acoustical  problem,  the  sound  (acoustic)  pressure  is  generated  by the turbulence or the interaction between air and a structure. Majority of commercial  acoustical  simulation  software  (including  LMS  Virtual.Lab Acoustics) simulates the aero-acoustical problems based on the Lighthill’s Aero-Acoustic Analogy.

The aero-acoustic analogy is based on the assumption that the acoustic field has no strong coupling effect to the air (medium) flow, which means the  acoustic  pressure  is  not  strong  enough  to  affect  the  air  flow.  The sound generation is simulated by fluctuations occulting in the flow field and  then  propagates  within  the  flow.  In  such  cases,  FlowVision  can provide  a  one-way  coupling  simulation  with  acoustical  simulation software to conduct fast aero-acoustical simulations.

FlowVision  is  the  best  solution  for  most  aero -acoustical  problems, especially  when  moving  objects  are  involved.  In  many  engineering problems, there is usually at least one moving machine part, such as a fan or  turbine  blade  that  interacts  with  the  flow  surrounding.  The  moving body  simulation  technology  can  provide  realistic  simulations  for flow-structure interactions, and the SGGR (Sub-Grid Geometry Resolution) technology  can  further  reduce  the  time  required  for  flow  field simulations.

As a result; FlowVision can provide fast, accurate and realistic simulations for flow field allowing acoustical calculations in the presence of complex body movements.

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