NAFEMS Multiphysics Simulation 2016: FSI in a Beating Human Whole Heart with FlowVision & Abaqus

Capvidia participated in the NAFEMS European Conference; Multiphysics Simulation 2016 held in 15-16 November 2016, Copenhagen, Denmark.

In the scope of medical sessions; a novel work “Fluid-Structure Interaction in a Beating Human Heart Model” performed by the cooperation of Capvidia and Dassault Systemes Simulia was presented.

nafems sinan

Sinan Soğancı (Capvidia, FlowVision Marketing & Sales Manager)

The presented work is in the scope of the Living Heart Project, leaded by Dassault Systemes Simulia and conducted by various cardio-vascular research institutions, clinicians and tool designers accompanied with leading engineering software vendors. Capvidia is the CFD simulation partner of the Living Heart Project aiming to integrate FlowVision and Abaqus for a realistic simulation of blood flow in a beating human heart taking into consideration the fluid-structure interaction between blood, heart tissues and artificial mechanical valves.

The key issues that have already been realized and presented during the Conference are:

  • the CFD mesh extraction from the existing complex Living Heart FE Model
  • FSI calculations of beating heart with natural conditions
  • FSI calculations of a beating heart with moving artificial mechanical valves

nafems heart 1nafems heart 2

Screenshots from the Living Heart FSI Simulations