FlowVision User's Conference
8th April 2020, Moscow, Russia
Attendance to FlowVision User's Meeting is Free of Charge

Why and for whom

For current and future users of FlowVision. For engineers, designers and technologists.

About conference

FlowVision is an engineer to engineer CFD software for advanced realistic flow and multiphysics simulations.
Engineering systems was created in 2003 year for exchange of expirience.

Future of FlowVision

Developers will show what is planned for development. How FlowVision will look in next year.

User's expirience

Our customers will show how they use FlowVision. Which tasks was solved with FlowVision.

Our customers are from many different areas of industry.

Conditions and service

  • Web-version or recordings are not planned
  • Local involvement from Russian FlowVision community is expected to be higher than international involvement
  • For presentations given in Russian, translations will be provided
  • If you want to present at the event, please reach us at

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